Who We Are

Defenceport was founded in KONYA to offer our experience especially on firearms and other areas over the past 25 years as a Global Partner to you more effectively and beneficially.

Besides, Defenceport has been trying to do integration of manufacturers and other stakeholders with the World in more efficient way by its expert staff. Currently, Defenceport has two manufacturing companies which are especially dealing with firearms.

Innovative mechanical design, innovative manufacturing processes and innovative materials used in firearms production define Defenceport and set the company apart from other's in the firearms industry.

Defenceport has always been trying to reach the best in order to provide the most influential and professional support in our world which has become a village and shrinking day by day with the concept of 'Always Lead Never Follow'.


Improving our authentic product range using ever-developing and regenerating technologies as well as proceeding in our market without any competitor by always providing everything better to our customers.


Lead generation worldwide in the sector with advanced technology and quality products and meeting such demand.