DRM-12 30 Round Drum Magazine Black Green

Defenceport DRM-12 30-Round Drum Magazine is the only product ever manufactured for 1919-style shotguns. It is a product that will make a shooter special. Your shotgun and you will feel stronger with Defenceport DRM-12 30-Roun Drum Magazine. The easy loading feature is unique just like our 20-round drum magazine. You will be loading it way easier than you thought.

A principle we take seriously is durability. Defenceport DRM-12 30-Round Drum Magazine’s transparent cover, body, and all other parts passed drop tests. It is possible to drop your magazine while loading it, that is why we conducted all the tests in the shooting range. The tests were conducted both while the magazines are loaded and unloaded onto hard surfaces. The results were out of the charts including for the transparent cover. Specially selected Premium raw materials and some special alloys that are designed by our engineers provided us with these results.

The metal part of the Defenceport DRM-12 30-Round Drum Magazine is specially hardened to handle the weight of the loaded magazine.

Performance is again one of our main concerns. We emptied our drum magazines in under 5 seconds after many tries but DRM-12 never failed to cycle.

The DRM-12 will take shells that are up to 3”. It was manufactured to be compatible with all 1919-style shotguns. The Defenceport DRM-12 Drum Magazine will work with %95 of the shotguns in the industry.

TYPE 1919
GAUGE 12 Gauge
2. Cerakote Coating
3. Camouflage
COVER MATERIAL Synthetic & DKP 1110